The Tucson Computer Society does not provide help or support for Apple computers. But never fear, there is lots of both free and not-free training and technical support for “Macs” and “Apple II” computers. (The most up-to-date version of this article is located at )


Free online training from the "World Wide Web"


The Apple company's Web site with free training is located at

The Apple company's Web site with free technical support is located at's free Mac training is available at



Keyboard shortcuts for Mac computers are located at


Free training video podcasts from are located at

General advice on how to get help is available at

Microsoft's free training for "Microsoft Office for Macintosh" is located at






advice about mac keyboards and pc keyboards


PC keyboards that have USB connectors work fine when attached to Macs.


All Mac keyboards work fine when connected to PCs.


The "alt / option" key on a Mac keyboard is equivalent to the "Alt" key on a PC keyboard and vice versa.


The "command" key on a Mac keyboard is equivalent to the "Windows" key on a PC keyboard and vice versa.


For details and pictorial diagrams, see



Free and low-cost training at apple stores


You can take a few free Macintosh computer classes at:

Apple Store La Encantada

2905 East Skyline Drive

Tucson, AZ 85718

(520) 529-9600

They are located near the northeast corner of Campbell and Skyline.

They call their free classes "workshops".

These "workshops" are designed by Apple Corporation for beginners.

You can sign up for "workshops" by phone or at their Web site at

Click on the "Workshops" icon to get a list of the available "workshops":



If you are willing to travel to the Phoenix area, a lot more free "Workshops" are available at the five Apple Retail Stores there, with the largest selection available at the Scottsdale store which is located at


Apple Store Scottsdale Quarter

15169 North Scottsdale Road

 Scottsdale, AZ 85254

(480) 627-5501


for details.


All of the Apple Stores  also offer "One to One" training sessions for an annual fee. In order to get this great deal, you have to sign up for it at the time that you buy a computer from an Apple Retail Store. Details about "One to One" can be found at





Great free computer training sessions are provided by the

"Tucson Macintosh Users Group".


Their Web site is located at


Their meetings offer multiple training lectures with demonstrations of how to use a Macintosh computer. Most meetings offer training sessions for both beginners and advanced Mac users.


They meet once each month at

University of Arizona Medical Center ("UMC")

1501 N. Campbell Ave.

Tucson, AZ.


for details.


If you are an "Apple II" user, please consider participating in the "Tucson Apple Core" club.  Their Web site is located at

According to their Web site:

"We are dedicated Apple II users who love any version of the Apple II. We have expertise not only in the Apple II, but also the Macintosh and a little bit in Wintel PC's (mostly for file exchanges). Our club owns an Apple IIe, an Apple IIc+ and an Apple IIgs, and at our meeting site we have access to Wintel PC's running Windows 3.1/98. We have access to all sorts of Apple II software and utilities, and can even do minor Apple II hardware repairs."





For training and help from a Tucson-based, professional business:





3136 E Fort Lowell Rd

(southeast corner of Fort Lowell and Country Club in Winterhaven Square)

Tucson AZ 85716

Mon thru Fri - 10am to 6pm

Sat -10am to 4pm

Sun - closed

Phone: 520-321-9077


Simultec is an independent Apple reseller.



Computer Guy Consulting

2524 E. Kleindale Rd.

Phone: (520)325-4656

Web site:


Harry Elver and his crew of technicians are often out at various businesses and homes helping folks with their computers, so please phone them before visiting them at their business location.

This business supports both Macs and Windows PCs. They have great expertise in both systems.




A list of professional Macintosh consultants and coaches is available at

Most of these experts do in-home computer tutoring that is customized to your specific requirements.